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    An end to end managed solutions from shoot to stream!

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    An end to end managed solutions from shoot to stream!

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Efficient and Secure way to manage data.

CineHive is an end-to-end digital media solutions platform offering server/cloud based data management, collaborative workflow, cloud based editing, streaming and archival solutions specifically designed for the Film industry.

CineHive revolutionises the production workflow of the digital filmmaking - the way the film crew interact, collaborate and share the work and the way the film data is managed & preserved. Our solutions are designed to create the next generation of engaging and interactive digital workflow in the film production cycle - including the ability to engage with spaces as they are today and the ability to visualize future changes.

CineHive takes away all the data related liabilities and pain points of the filmmaker and the production house , thereby enabling them to concentrate on their core propositions - Making Films.


Cinehive manages data from start to finish for a film - Ensures streamlined handling of data, Ensures data security through biometrics access and data encryption, Archives data post film release/launch.


Cinehive provides apps to collaborate on the data aquired securely and effortlessly. Improves efficiency and productivity to reduce cycle times while working on the data.

Data security, project team collaboration, dedicated support

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  • Packaged data management

    Data managed and secured right from data (footage) acquisition on the spot to conversion of the raw data to final raw out to Qube/Pxd.Secure handling of data with disaster recovery (geo-replication - Chennai, Mountain View, Dallas), confirming to data compliance. 0% data loss. .

  • Identity Protection

    Secure access through RSA to the app to view/collaborate on the data. Patented Biometric Access for physical hard disks on the spot and at the data center. Digital archival of films - the final DPX and the entire footage.

App access

Access and collaborate on your data right from your mobile device (smartphones and tablets)

Safe and Secure

With world class encryption technology, your data is safe and secure. Every byte at Cinehive is encrypted.

Dedicated support

We back you up. One on one, a human to support you. Single point of contact to resolve any issues you might have.

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All conversations that are needed for your film is taken care of.

Keep in touch. We take care of every aspect of your project. You are notified of every activity of your project.

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All the digital artefacts of the film are stored and backed up on CineHive’s own private cloud, in-house server storage and archival systems to ensure complete redundancy and constant availability. Our proprietary Reel Intelligence technology allows to detect any data discrepancies at the acquisition stage itself, thereby reducing the opportunity cost involved with the otherwise high turnaround life-cycle. CineHive maintains data integrity via checksums, and encrypts the data for additional security.

CineHive delivers advanced persistent threat (APT) protection, data loss prevention, SSL decryption, Geo replication, access from across the world and lifetime archival .Biometric Security - the SSD and other recording media are transferred from the shooting locations to the CineHive office in a secured biometric safes which are equipped with GPS sensors for location tracking.

CineLab is an app based digital asset management platform offering online video editing, collaboration and file sharing systems. CineHive has developed a powerful iOS/Android/Windows mobile app and a desktop app , which allows the film crew to view, edit and share files with the project team on the go 24/7. The media files ( OK takes, rushes, soundtracks etc ) are transcoded and streamed via an adaptive streaming technology that recognizes and adjusts to deliver the content using the appropriate format and available bandwidth at the end user side. The access to app is secured through RSA SecurId tokens and integrated with audit log, notifications on all activity throughout the life cycle of the film. Give your film’s high value crew - Director, Cinematographer, Editor and Music composer- an instant access into the day to day proceedings of the film project and get real-time recommendations on the film.

    App Features
  • Cloud based Editing - CineLab provides a white labeled, customizable cloud video editing platform. Main modules include frame-level cut, effects & transitions, multi-track editing, text editor, video templates, web/ mobile import & export etc.
  • Activity Stream - shows the activity log of the users - editing report, comments, flags, views etc.
  • Integrated File Transfer - edited rushes, reference videos, tracks, etc can be shared securely.
  • Online Bulletin board - a chat space allowing film crew to interact with each other.
  • RSA Security - Our security partner RSA Security -the chosen security partner of more than 90% of the Fortune 500 - joins hands with CineHive and offers the industry-leading solutions in identity assurance & access control, encryption & key management, compliance & security information management and fraud protection.

With RSA encryption at the helm, all the stakeholders of the film can be confident that their information assets are protected, and are free to concentrate on their core work - Making Films.

HiveBot is an on-premises scale-out NAS for studios and other high volume players with cloud based management. Simply put HiveBot is a set-it and forget-it zero configuration mini-server (48TB/96TB). We can stack multiple HiveBots by just plug n play, thereby enabling immediate scale up up to nearly 700 TB.

HiveBot solves the common storage pain points : complicated installation, cumbersome storage management, lack of data security. With our in house monitoring app, the client can monitor the backups and also can access the content from the HiveBot from across the world. The number of backups can be configured on the go.

Files contained on storage media including obsolete formats such as beta tapes, 35mm film, 16mm film and optical media like CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs are scanned accordingly and are converted to digital master files. Our preservation workflow ensures that the source data in storage media will not be erased/changed accidentally during accessioning while maintaining a proper audit trail in copying files from storage media. We also document the technical metadata (checksum, creation, modification and last access dates, file format, file size, etc.) of files in archives for transfer to preservation repository.

Intellectual Property is perserved with the utmost care. Intergrity is the foundation of Cinehive and backed up by technology.

Cinehive employs the best in breed technology to achieve to capture, secure, collaborate and delivery the content.

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